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Welcome to Jordan School District Science!

Here at Jordan Science, we understand that science is a way of knowing, a process for understanding the natural world. Engineering applies the fields of science, technology, and mathematics to produce solutions to real-world problems.  Engineer-like thinking and scientific literacy are essential for our students to be engaged in responsible political and economic choices on personal, local, regional, and global scales.

Check out this new endorsement incentive program by clicking here! USBE has offered to reimburse teachers for completing endorsement training and it is definitely worth checking out! 

Check out the curriculum our teachers have been working hard to create for you! Units, lessons, outlines, etc. are for you to use, try, and change up as you need. Keep in mind that this project is constantly being revamped and will frequently be updated. If you would like to contribute to this project or get involved, email Tori Johnson at

FOSS Science is a curriculum developed to lead our students through investigations of real phenomena of the natural world to build their scientific knowledge and is centered on 3D science! Click here to learn more about FOSS Science! If you are interested in teaching this curriculum in your school, contact Tori Johnson at